The vari­ety of cucum­ber that Eden Farms pio­neered, and has become renowned for within the indus­try, is the con­ti­nen­tal cucum­ber vari­ety. The name ‘Con­ti­nen­tal Cucum­ber’ was cho­sen by Eden Farms. It is also some­times referred to as the Dutch tele­graph cucumber.

Con­ti­nen­tal Cucum­bers are acid free, long, green and thin with edi­ble skin. The cucum­bers have a slightly ribbed appear­ance and the prod­uct is indi­vid­u­ally wrapped to main­tain fresh­ness and improve shelf life. The con­ti­nen­tal cucum­ber has a very small seed cav­ity unlike the tra­di­tional field grown green and white cucum­bers and the flesh is crunchy and sweet. The soft edi­ble skin of the con­ti­nen­tal cucum­ber is soft to the palate and great for pre­sen­ta­tion. The Eden Farms con­ti­nen­tal cucum­ber removed the neces­sity to peel cucum­bers or score the skin with a fork as the green ridged edi­ble skin is already decorative.

Con­ti­nen­tal Cucum­bers age faster if they are stored at tem­per­a­tures above 8 degrees. They should not be stored with toma­toes, apples or mel­ons. The plas­tic wrap is used to retain the mois­ture and fresh­ness of the fruit so ensure they are kept in their plas­tic wrap in the fridge.